#1 Wicked(Category: Fandom)

The year is 2027 and The Wizarding World has changed Gone are the days of the old quill and parchments, owl mail is used only for nostalgic reasons, and technology is rapidly intertwining into the seams of magic itself. With no big baddie threatening to... Read More

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The Next Incantation

TNI is one of the longest running HP sites on the web, proudly established 2003. 50 years beyond the books, the rift between muggles and magicals now wider than ever. War is on the horizon and no-one is sure who, if anyone, will be the victor. Read More

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#3 Gods Among Men(Category: Fandom)
Gods Among Men

Earth is beginning to make a name for itself. As beings of incredible power and skill rise through the ranks of humanity, their stories begin to reach far and wide throughout the cosmos. Sadly, not everyone listening is taking the stories as just tales... Read More

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#4 Heart of the West(Category: Original)
Heart of the West

Historical Old West 1868. No WC. Activity focused. Ranchers, Miners, Outlaws and Townfolk all in one powder keg ready to blow. Where will you stand in the Heart of the West Read More

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What Lies We Breathe

WLWB is an 18 Modern Supernatural site where members are invited to play Humans, Psychics, Were-Animals, and Vampires. There is no word requirement, no activity requirement, and no character creation limit. We entertain darker themes on the site and... Read More

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#6 Sinsomnia(Category: Fandom)

Welcome to Sinsomnia, a setting that is inspired by the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter book series. It is an AU - Alternate Universe where we do not have any canon characters. We are an advanced 18 RP site, have a 3-3-3 rating, multiple species to choose... Read More

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#7 Lochland Grove(Category: Original)
Lochland Grove

We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether... Read More

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#8 USS Joshua Norton(Category: Fandom)
USS Joshua Norton

A Starfleet Intelligence Clandestine Operations ship, set in the Star Trek prime universe in 2416. Read More

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#9 Static Hogwarts(Category: Fandom)
Static Hogwarts

Present-Day Post Potter, 18, No WC There has been nothing but peace in the UK since the Wizarding War and many advances in magical technology.This peace has helped quell a lot of house bias and anti-muggle sentiments. But, that doesnt mean there isnt... Read More

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#10 Only A Memory Away(Category: Fandom)
Only A Memory Away

Real life with a magical twist. Join us to help fight evil in 2017 San Francisco and awaken to your destiny. Discover your past life in a civilization that spanned a galaxy, and grow into supernatural abilities, weapons, and more to defeat the enemy and... Read More

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#11 Far Harbor(Category: Fandom)
Far Harbor

Far Harbor is a relaxed 18 and no word count RPG for people who enjoy Fallout. We are based in Far Harbor, the location introduced in the DLC of the same name, and we are set before the Sole Survivor is released. Read More

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#12 Storybrooke Maine.(Category: Fandom)
Storybrooke Maine.

Are you tired of simply sticking to one on one story lines, which inevitably fizzle out Want to engage in active, creative, group story lines Crave that feeling of a close-knit family of writers within this verse A place created by adults, for adults,... Read More

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#13 Black Prism(Category: Fandom)
Black Prism

There exists a constant power struggle, hidden from plain sight but clear to anyone who might get dragged under. The Chromeria, the Council of Colors, the Spectrumuse their manipulation of light in both the sense of their magic and their sense of the... Read More

Stats Votes: 66
Forge Gunpowder Fantasy RPG

An original roleplay set in a renaissance equivalent fantasy world. Play as human, elf, dwarf, gnoll, lizardman or undead. Endless possibilities. Read More

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#15 Vector(Category: Original)

An original cyberpunk space western roleplay set in the year 2187 AD. Huge detailed universe, inspired by Blade Runner and Firefly. Endless possibilities Read More

Stats Votes: 56
Until Daylight - TLOU RP

No word count, short freestyle app post-apocalyptic survival board based loosely off of The Last of Us. Sometimes, the Infection is the least of your worries. Do you think you could survive Until Daylight Read More

Stats Votes: 51
#17 Welcome to Avalon(Category: Fandom)
Welcome to Avalon

Avalon is a canon Panfandom RP site. We pride ourselves on being friendly and driven. On one hand were an open sandbox while on another we allow members to very plot driven and follow along with events and main plot changes to their own level of comfort.... Read More

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#18 The Kingdom RP(Category: Original)
The Kingdom RP

An original steampunk fantasy RPG, set in a world where one kingdom, fearing magic users, threatens war against another kingdom that welcomes them. Where will you land On which side will you fight 18 LGBTQIA Friendly Diverse Welcoming Friendly... Read More

Stats Votes: 48
#19 Wayfinders Rest(Category: Fandom)
Wayfinders Rest

A new Pathfinder-inspired play-by-post RP, Wayfinders Rest is centered around the development of the Green Belt and the adventures of its new settlers and budding status in Golarion. With a huge well-established setting, brilliant economy system and... Read More

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#20 Going South(Category: Fandom)
Going South

Going South is a Post-Rebirth DC Comics site, taking place in the aftermath of the Darkseid War and DC Comics Rebirth. Taking place on Earth 0, the Prime Earth, world states are formed largely out of the comic books themselves versus external media,... Read More

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#21 Dragon Ball Summit(Category: Fandom)
Dragon Ball Summit

A kick ass DBZ RPG with friendly staff, awesome members and tons of great canons still available to play Original Characters are welcome and we are proudly LGBT Friendly Come and check us out today Read More

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