What Lies We Breathe

WLWB is an 18 Modern Supernatural site where members are invited to play Humans, Psychics, Were-Animals, and Vampires. There is no word requirement, no activity requirement, and no character creation limit. We entertain darker themes on the site and... Read More

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The Wall Survival

An original fantasy RP with a Medieval-dystopia setting, The Wall captures the tale of a kingdoms desperate attempt to survive by sending settlers through a portal to a mysterious new world. Read More

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#3 Heart of the West(Category: Original)
Heart of the West

Historical Old West 1869. No WC. Activity focused. Ranchers, Miners, Outlaws and Townfolk all in one powder keg ready to blow. Where will you stand in the Heart of the West Read More

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#4 Lochland Grove(Category: Original)
Lochland Grove

We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether... Read More

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Forge Gunpowder Fantasy RPG

An original roleplay set in a renaissance equivalent fantasy world. Play as human, elf, dwarf, gnoll, lizardman or undead. Endless possibilities. Read More

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#6 Vector(Category: Original)

An original cyberpunk space western roleplay set in the year 2187 AD. Huge detailed universe, inspired by Blade Runner and Firefly. Endless possibilities Read More

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#7 Ark City(Category: Original)
Ark City

Ark City is a gently futuristic, metahuman roleplay with a heavy political bent. The last great beacon of civilization in the former United States, Ark City is a place where ordinary humans Typics and their more gifted counterparts Evolutes live side by... Read More

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#8 Estorica(Category: Original)

A fantasy anime roleplay realm where you fight to survive against a dangerous dragon and the elements themselves. The newly appointed Sovereign is trying to reign in his subjects shortly after a massive war that devastated the land. Upon his coronation,... Read More

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#9 Valhaven(Category: Original)

Welcome to Valhaven, a quaint little town in Colorado with a big secret. Supernaturals gather here. We are an 18 Original Supernatural RP with an active IC and OOC community. There are regular IC and OOC events as well as lots of plots, characters, and... Read More

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#10 What Lies Between(Category: Original)
What Lies Between

What Lies Between is a 18, Modern Supernatural Roleplay, with a diverse list of races to choose from as well as magical abilities. There is no word requirement and a very spacious activity requirement, with our 18 we are looking for all kinds of... Read More

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#11 Dershingham Vale(Category: Original)
Dershingham Vale

A succession of disappearances shakes up the town of Dershingham Vale. There are rumors of a strange, unidentifiable person that visits the same spot each night in Barrington Thicket, a forest located behind the Preston property. There they remain until... Read More

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#12 Moorland Manor(Category: Original)
Moorland Manor

Moorland Manor is an 18 historical RPG set in 1899 with some horror elements. An inclusive, friendly community focusing on character development with occasional site-wide plots. Read More

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#13 Elzynthia(Category: Original)

Welcome to the madness, otherwise known as Elzynthia. Grab your reins and hang onto your hats because its going to be one hell of a ride What is Elzynthia, you ask For starters, its a fantasy world like no other. Though its been loosely inspired by many... Read More

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#14 Teair Nova(Category: Original)
Teair Nova

Teair Nova is where gods walk among mortals and mortals are free to pursue their chosen path in life. Among the mortals are the Fated, people pulled from other worlds by a mischievous deity named Fate, to serve his motives or just throw a wrench in the... Read More

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Dead Before Daylight

Dead Before Daylight is a modern supernatural creature RP set in the fictional town of Dawnbreak, Alaska. Read More

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Desires Of The Flesh

Desires of the Flesh is a 18 BDSM site which takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver is home to such play parties as rascals, sin city, etc. We are an 18 site and you will be asked to verify your age upon applying to join. While... Read More

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#17 Demon Realm(Category: Original)
Demon Realm

Once, every night when the realm of man went to sleep, their dreams would take them into the world of demons, where nightmares were born. One day, perhaps not so long ago, the divide disappeared. The realm of demon and the realm of man became one, and so... Read More

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#18 Before the Mast(Category: Original)
Before the Mast

1720, West Indies. Allied Navies and privateers fighting pyracy. Which side are you on Sharpen your blades and raise to swashbuckling adventure, spreading death before the mast Read More

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#19 Souls RPG(Category: Original)
Souls RPG

Souls is a post-apocalyptic werecanine roleplaying game since 2001. Read More

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#20 Brook Haven Ranch(Category: Original)
Brook Haven Ranch

Brook Haven is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens many from the foster care system that utilizes equine therapy in healing broken lives. Read More

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#21 Senki Academy(Category: Original)
Senki Academy

We are an anime-based pseudo-panfandom academy of adventure RPG Adventures and slice of life await Read More

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