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Gods Among Men
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Earth is beginning to make a name for itself. As beings of incredible power and skill rise through the ranks of humanity, their stories begin to reach far and wide throughout the cosmos. Sadly, not everyone listening is taking the stories as just tales -- but rather as challenges. In the furthest reaches, those entities known as the New Gods are beginning to turn both blissful and corrupt eyes towards the blue marble so many light years away. But what is distance and time to a god Welcome to Gods Among Men, a DC universe roleplay set in a universe unto itself. We pull from all sources, mainly from the comic books and those universes within, and invite every one of you to help us craft the story embodied here. We are character driven but with an over-arching plot of the New Gods of New Genesis and Apokolips beginning to take notice of earth and plans set in motion for an invasion. If any of this interests you, please join us and lets have some fun.

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