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Are you tired of simply sticking to one on one story lines, which inevitably fizzle out Want to engage in active, creative, group story lines Crave that feeling of a close-knit family of writers within this verse A place created by adults, for adults, where your creativity is not restricted or curbed in any way Then this could be the place for you. Storybrooke Maine, a mature jcink forum based role community, grants you the opportunity for all of that, as well as the option to write one on one threads as you please too. Open for well over a year, we hope for it to continue being an active, thriving community, where everyones individual stories all weave fit together, just as on the show, each storyline slotting in, to become a part of your characters history. With not restrictive set plot aside from group event ones no set timeline, the possibilities, are limitless... placing your character wherever, whenever, you want. Canons originals alike, we welcome you all deceased or not -subject to their story lines making sense being approved..though we are confident we can always find a way to fit you in. The possibilities are almost endless to giving a well known fairy tale, Disney, Pixar literary, mythological or folklore character, their own Once Upon a Time twist. From the Musketeers, to Middle Earth, from the Wild West to Count Dracula, we are happy to accommodate all. All the more so now that the Land of Untold Stories has exploded into Storybrooke Usual requirements apply. Literacy creativity, must be adept at multiple paragraph to novella writing. Though in certain areas, we do allow quickfire rps short banter, to keep things busy. And have a selection of on site live chats, for both IC OOC. So whether your character would plot with another, or not, you still should never feel left out in those areas. Anyone, after all, is more than welcome to relax at Grannys Above all...the most important criteria, you must be active, want to write, engage with other characters from the show in active story lines, group banter. We encourage all members to interact with each other, so here, you will never feel left out. So dont delay. Come be a part of the magic now. Let your imagination creativity run free. And remember, happy, isnt always ever after. Will you be one of the lucky ones

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